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ACT launches plan to improve safety in the construction industry

Jul 15th 2022

ACT launches plan to improve safety in the construction industry

WorkSafe ACT has recently launched an updated ‘Residential Construction Strategy for 2022-24’ to help improve safety in the residential construction industry.

The Strategy launch was attended by Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Mick Gentleman, WHS Council members and other key stakeholders.

WorkSafe says the industry has a high number of workers compensation claims compared to other sectors in the ACT.

Data from the safety watchdog shows common offences in the ACT construction industry include failure to manage fall from height risks, unsecured workplaces and unsafe scaffolding.

ACT WHS Commissioner Jacqueline Agiussaid, “Despite considerable effort from WorkSafe, we continue to observe unsafe work practices and WHS breaches in the residential construction sector.”

“WorkSafe ACT Inspectors are constantly on the ground enforcing the WHS provisions. In 2020-2021, twice as many improvement notices were issued per visit compared to the previous year.”

Read the original story on the WorkSafe ACT website.

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