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WA workers’ compensation premium rates increase

Apr 11th 2022

WA workers’ compensation premium rates increase

WorkCover WA CEO, Mr Chris White has recently announced a 6.9% increase in the 2022/23 recommended premium rates for compulsory workers’ compensation insurance in Western Australia.

Mr White said the recommended rates for 2022/23 would be 1.822 per cent of total wages, up from 1.704 per cent for 2021/22.

“Each year, the Western Australian recommended premium rates are reviewed to ensure sufficient premium is collected to meet the costs of workers’ compensation claims,” he said.

“Rising claim numbers and claim costs are key drivers of the 2022/23 increase, offset by wage increases.”

The rates have been published in a Special Government Gazette and will come into effect on 30 June 2022.

Download the full media statement here.

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