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Vic couple shares safety story during Farm Safety Week

Jul 19th 2022

Vic couple shares safety story during Farm Safety Week

National Farm Safety Week is held each year in the third week of July to raise awareness of farm safety issues.

As part of Farm Safety Week, a Victorian farming couple shares their story in a WorkSafe video on how a local WorkSafe inspector has supported them.

The couple has been farming for twelve years and own more than 1000 cows across two properties in Labertouche.

"It was a very positive experience we found, not intimidating, because we do know WorkSafe isn't there to shut us down, they're there to help us improve and to make things the safest we can," Mrs Hammond said.

"I've met Michael outside of inspections, at GippsDairy and TAFE events where he's speaking. Every time I learn something new and have been able to implement things in our business. I now feel comfortable enough to call him with any questions I have."

Read the full story on the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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