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Queensland school children get electrical safety lessons

Sep 18th 2023

Queensland school children get electrical safety lessons

Ergon Energy and Energex Network staff visited Queensland schools during this year’s Electrical Safety Week (4-8 September) to teach children about electrical safety as part of the 2023 Safety Heroes program.

Executive General Manager Karen Stafford said a new gaming app and a scratch project have been added to this year’s program.

“We have a couple of exciting additions this year – the Safety Heroes gaming app and a Scratch project developed in collaboration with Code Club Australia, which allows students to create their own electrical safety game,” she said.

“The Safety Heroes app is a free, fully immersive game students can download to their phone or tablet and move their chosen character around a virtual city or rural landscape, collecting safety points while avoiding electrical hazards.”

Statistics show 97% of primary schools across Queensland have signed up for the 2023 Safety Heroes program.

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