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Tuesday 16th March 2021

Mar 16th 2021

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Injured security guard to have repair work provided to his home after a brutal assault. 

In November 2017, a security guard employed by South Australia Police was violently assaulted while working as a protective security officer.

Suffering a range of physical injuries to his hand, right shoulder and neck, the guard has undergone nine surgeries to date.

The South Australian Employment Tribunal upheld the man's request for the repair services to his home and backyard Bali hut to be provided, finding that it would help him cope with his psychological injury.

The labour cost to carry out the repairs to his Bali hut was quoted between $2,700 and $2,750.

The cost of repairs on the carport was quoted at $3,200.

Mr Lieschke said, 'The applicant will supply the material, just as he would have had he been able to do the work himself. The refusal by South Australia Police to provide the services was unreasonable.'

The full story can be found on the ABC website.

Five seriously injured at Grosvenor Mine after methane explosion. 

In 2020, the Grosvenor Mine in central Queensland reported 14 near misses in eight weeks, leading to an explosion that left five workers seriously injured.

The Board of Inquiry was set up after a methane explosion at Anglo American's Grosvenor Mine on May 6 2020.

Across hearings, the board heard from Resources Safety and Health Queensland Regional Inspector of Mines, Stephen Smith, about 14 high potential incidents of methane exceedance, considered near-misses in the industry. 

Mr Smith was asked whether the conditions over those eight weeks leading up to the explosion were unsafe, which he said, 'as a general statement, I would say no.'

It may be that the board, in the end, will not be able to reach conclusions on how the explosive mixture came to be on the longwall face or what ignited it.

When the explosion occurred, other workers of the mine reported feeling two pressure waves, each with sufficient force capable of knocking workers off their feet.

Brisbane's hearings will continue for at least the next three weeks, with more inspectors and representatives to give evidence.

More to this article can be found on the ABC website.

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